Pneumatic Packaging Machines -EMP 102


Sealing Type : Center,Three,Four Side Seal
Packing Speed : 15-50 Pouch Per Minute(DEPEND ON PRODUCT)
Power Load : 2.5 KW,1 Phase
Air Consumption : 6.0 Kg/
Filling System : Adjustable Auger Filling (servo and clutch and break mount)
Filling Accuracy : +/- 1% Depend upon nature of product
Type of Sealing : Center Seal
Filling Range : Up to 1000gm
Packing material : Sticky and Free Flow Powder
Film Roll : W-100 to 360mm L-80 to 130mm
Speed Capacity : 10 to 40 Pouch per minute
Machine Size : 2500mm x 800mm x 900mm (H x W x L)
Wooden Case 2650mm x 1000mm x 1000mm (H x W x L)
PLC : Delta
Temperature Controller : Selec
Contact Part : SS 304
Power : 220v AC Single Phase & Three Phase 3kw
Optional : Batch Coding Device


All Contact Parts Of Food Grade Stainless Steel Servo/
Mechanical/ Pneumatic Based Model Low Maintain Machine