Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines – EPM 106


1. High efficiency-packing,steadyperformance,convenient operation and maintenance,low rate fault.
2. Can continuously work for a long time.
3. Sealing is very good and packing is also very handsome.
4. Can be synchronous printing production date,inflatable,three-dimensional angular,wearing a hanging hole and other equipment.
5. Packaging range is wide.
6. Can be equipped with material-shift detertion.

1. Touch screen, convenient adjustment
2. PLC controller, accurate calculation
3. Photoelectric detection, great precision
4. The length is automatic detected and set, without manual
5. Trilateral closure H(pillow sealing)
6. Material of packing film: OPP

1. Code printer/ Thermal transfer printer
2. Lead aircraft: Device for punched and exhaust
3. Device for hanging hole (circular/ butterfly hole)
4. Stainless steel
5. Others
Biscuits, Cream wafers, Cakes, Instant Noodles, Scotch Brush, Napkin, Baby Diapers, Meat Tray, Fish Tray, Pizza, Blade Packets, Chocolates, Audio Video Cassettes, Cotton Pads, Books, Scrub pads, Soaps, Bearings, Auto Parts, Disposable Syringe, I. V. Fluid Set, Electrical, Cosmetics, Hardware, Bakery, Auto Ancillary, Personal Care Combs, Tooth Brush & many Other Items.


Biscuits, Wafers,Cake and dummy products.Advantage of automation
Equipped with CE Marked PLC Controller and touch
Screen HMI,Servo,Print mark scanners.

Packing Film : Any Heat Sealable Laminate
Product Application : Solid Product Round or Square Shape
Sealing Type : Center Sealing; Pillow Type
Feeding System : Manual Feeding
Main Motor : 1 H.P., 3 phase CROMPTON GREAVES
Gear box : C.G Make
Power Consumption : Single phase
Temperature Controller : Digital
Length Control : Pitch Gear
No. of Dairoller& Pull Roller : 2Pull Roller & 1Sealing Roller
Body Type : M.S Fabricated
Covering Type : Fully SS Covering
Machine Speed : 40 -80 PPM
Emergency Switch : Attach
Paper Control : Photo cell Panel
Contact Parts : Casting/Meld Steel/SS -202
Drive : AC Drive (Schneider Make)
Size of Feeding conveyor : 8ft
Out Feed conveyor : 2ft
Oppt. Attachment : Auto Feeder (Extra Cost)
Oppt. Attachment : Automatic Coding Device
Machine Dimension : L -14.2ft x W -3.24ft x H – 5.6ft Approx
Net Weight : 800 kg (Approx.)